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Date 2014-01-08.03:42:45
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Ok, this is a bit of a mess.

Issue #11448 contains a patch for the documentation. But the functionality itself is still not working.

With the (I believe) intended usage, we have:

>>> import http.client
>>> conn = http.client.HTTPSConnection("localhost",8080)
>>> conn.set_tunnel("")
>>> conn.request("HEAD","/index.html")

What happens then is this:

- request() calls _send_request(), which calls _put_request()
- _put_request() generates a "Host: localhost:8080" header
- _send_request() calls sendheaders(), calls _send_output()
- _send_output() calls send(), which calls connect()
- connect() connects to localhost:8080 and calls _tunnel()
- _tunnel() sets to and establishes the tunnel, but the Host: header has already been generated, and the proxy host name and port is now lost
- The request is send with a wrong Host header
- When calling close() and connect(), connect will now try to connect directly to, but attempt to use it as a proxy to tunnel to itself.
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