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Attached is a new, simpler approach for supporting O!.  The object() converter now takes two arguments:
  * type, which is the type you want the parameter declared as
    (e.g. "PyUnicodeObject *")
  * subclass_of, which is the PyTypeObject you want to enforce the
    value is an instance of (e.g. "&PyUnicode_Type")
The old approach was kind of a lovely idea, but was too complicated, and it would have meant registering any new type (like third-party types).  This is less convenient, but simple.  And it would lend itself well to making a custom converter if you used it a lot.

I'll write some documentation for it now, but I wanted to post the code so I could get a review.

p.s. Why was is marked "crash" and "release blocker"?  That's very inaccurate.  And assigned to docs?  WTH?
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