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It is an unfortunate (to my mind) but true fact that the docs do not indicate which functions are coded in C and for such functions, whether args passable by position can also be passed by name. If one wishes to pass by name, one simply has to experiment. The problem is possibly a bit worse for itertools because its docs have 'equivalent' Python code that is not quite equivalent for position-only C parameters. Solutions would be a fit topic for python-ideas list.

The tee docs do not describe 'n' as a keyword. They only indicate its default value, which is a different issue altogether.

The word 'keyword' only appears in the 'product' entry to describe the 'repeat' parameter. It there means 'pass by name only', as product() takes an indefinite number of positional iterables, so that a repeat value cannot be passed by position.

'user': please do not play with the Status: value. This is a good way to make yourself unpopular with developers. If a developer 'closes' an issue and you wish it 'reopened', ask and explain, and be willing for the request to be ignored or rejected.
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