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test.test_imaplib.ThreadedNetworkedTestsSSL.test_linetoolong, added as part of the fix for security (DOS attack) issue 16039, is failing on 2.7 on some buildbots (FreeBSD, OpenIndia, Windows).  On some platforms (FreeBSD at least) the failure seems to be intermittent.  Running the tests with the same randseed on linux does not reproduce the problem.  Running the test under -F on linux does not produce any failures.

Since this is a DOS security issue, and since the failure is that the exception comes from the ssl module instead of being an imaplib error but it nevertheless blocks the attack, I've left the patch in.  But the reason for the failure should be determined and either the test or the code fixed.  (In the meantime I'll mark the test to be skipped).
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