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Author ethan.furman
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Date 2013-12-29.14:57:17
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I have the following as part of the patch for that issue:
diff -r b668c409c10a Doc/reference/datamodel.rst
--- a/Doc/reference/datamodel.rst	Sat Dec 28 20:37:58 2013 +0100
+++ b/Doc/reference/datamodel.rst	Sun Dec 29 06:55:11 2013 -0800
@@ -2073,23 +2073,31 @@ left undefined.
       builtin: float
       builtin: round
    Called to implement the built-in functions :func:`complex`,
    :func:`int`, :func:`float` and :func:`round`.  Should return a value
    of the appropriate type.
 .. method:: object.__index__(self)
-   Called to implement :func:`operator.index`.  Also called whenever Python needs
-   an integer object (such as in slicing, or in the built-in :func:`bin`,
-   :func:`hex` and :func:`oct` functions). Must return an integer.
+   Called to implement :func:`operator.index`, and whenever Python needs to
+   losslessly convert the numeric object to an integer object (such as in
+   slicing, or in the built-in :func:`bin`, :func:`hex` and :func:`oct`
+   functions). Presence of this method indicates that the numeric object is
+   an integer type.  Must return an integer.
+   .. note::
+      When :meth:`__index__` is defined, :meth:`__int__` should also be defined,
+      and both shuld return the same value, in order to have a coherent integer
+      type class.

If for some reason that patch doesn't make it into 3.4 I'll split the doc change off to its own issue, unless you think it should be split off anyway?
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