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Access to VMS licenses and media:

1. Hobby - non-commercial applications - Free with 1 year time-bombed license keys with free media download.  A self-service mostly web based system.

Easiest way to get a membership ID is to join which is free.

Unfortunately right now, HP is in their holiday shutdown and is being relocated from Wisconsin to Massachusetts.

Both should be back available sometime in the beginning of January 2014.

2. Commercial - Company Alliance One Membership.  It is my understanding that upon acceptance to the program, 1 year time-bombed license keys are available with free.  Search for "Alliance One" on the HP site.

This has been the case for well over 10 years, so VMS programmers for open source projects should normally have no problem getting current media or license keys.

There are several free Alpha emulators now available for download.  These are less functional versions of the commercial versions of the emulator.

While there are also commercial VAX emulators that may be available, SimH VAX is free and open source.

Resources: comp.os.vms newsgroup,, sourceforge GNV and vms-ports projects,, and


GNV as packaged by HP has multiple problems.  To use it at a minimum you need to install the newer Bash and Coreutils kits from the GNV sourceforge project.  Read before installing the updates.

Running configure scripts on GNV typically requires some hacks because most configure scripts test with out the header files, and on VMS, the header files are needed to get ANSI/ISO or X/Open behavior or bug-fixes.  Otherwise the tests fail.


As far as removing the VMS specific code, it is very likely that much of the VMS specific code is not needed for the current 8.3/8.4 versions of VMS, so it is probably better for a someone porting Python 3.x to VMS to start with clean code.

If a VMS library routine is missing or does not behave properly, it is better handled with a replacement routine than by putting #ifdef in the code.
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