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     'br_fr':                                'br_FR.ISO8859-1',
-    'br_fr.iso88591':                       'br_FR.ISO8859-1',
-    'br_fr.iso885914':                      'br_FR.ISO8859-14',
-    'br_fr.iso885915':                      'br_FR.ISO8859-15',
-    'br_fr.iso885915@euro':                 'br_FR.ISO8859-15',
-    'br_fr.utf8@euro':                      'br_FR.UTF-8',
-    'br_fr@euro':                           'br_FR.ISO8859-15',

Only one of 7 br_fr entities are left. For br_fr.iso88591, br_fr.iso885914 and br_fr.iso885915 just replaced encoding of base br_fr locale. For br_fr.iso885915@euro and br_fr.utf8@euro the @euro modifier is dropped because ISO8859-15 and UTF-8 already contains the euro character. For br_fr@euro default ISO8859-1 encoding replaced to ISO8859-15 and the @euro modifier is dropped.

So now the table contains only base entities which map lang_country to lang_country.encoding and special cases for deprecated and obscure aliases.
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