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Date 2013-12-21.19:20:52
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Proposed patch removes over 400 entities from locale alias tables. They are redundant because they can be calculated on fly.

Also it enables utf8 aliases. Now this adds not hundreds of redundant aliases, but only 8 new locales:

+    'be_bg.utf8':                           'bg_BG.UTF-8',
+    'c.utf8':                               'en_US.UTF-8',
+    'en_dl.utf8':                           'en_DL.UTF-8',
+    'en_zw.utf8':                           'en_ZS.UTF-8',
+    'pa_pk.utf8':                           'pa_PK.UTF-8',
+    'sr_yu.utf8':                           'sr_RS.UTF-8',
+    'te_in.utf8':                           'te_IN.UTF-8',
+    'zh_sg.utf8':                           'zh_SG.UTF-8',
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