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Sounds good.  Thanks for the explanation.  It sounds like you're effectively concerned just with finder.find_module() and loader.load_module() (which is fine with me).  Everything else (including some of the ABCs) is 3.3-only.  For the sake of simplicity I could also leave the warnings off finder.find_loader() as well (if you want).

Sorry for all the fuss.  I've never *really* deprecated anything before. :)  This has been really helpful.  I see the value in the warnings (when things are going to be removed later vs. "there's something better"), but also see your point about the pain warnings can cause (especially when we don't have concrete plans for removal).  What a weird balance.

p.s. If only I had a time machine to put PendingDeprecationWarnings on those 3.3-only APIs!  <wink>
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