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Here's a new patch addressing your review comment, Serhiy.  It also addresses some failures on Windows in test_values: Win_ValuesTestCase depends on 'pydll' being defined in the module toplevel and shadowing ctypes.pydll; this definition was removed some years ago (before ctypes was merged into Python).  I replaced each instance of 'pydll' with 'pythonapi', which makes the tests pass (with appropriate update to test_frozentable's expectations), but I don't understand all of ctypes well enough to be sure that it is definitely the correct fix.

Also, a few long lines that were already touched have been split (without messing with other long lines) and a couple of tests have been converted from "def X_test" to "def test_X" with an unconditional skip.  Another empty file has also been removed: test_errcheck is completely commented out except for a couple of imports, so it is removed entirely.  The test that calls doctest.testmod in test_objects has been adjusted to fail the test if any of the doctests fail, and to not care about sys.version.  Finally, test_wintypes has been rearranged to skip the test class rather than the module on non-Windows platforms to keep the same number of tests between platforms.
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