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Here's a patch that simply adds all the deprecation warnings.  It does not include any effort to silence the zillion warnings that happen when the test suite is run with -Wall.  I plan on addressing all those when I have some time.  That will be a matter of refactoring tests or stdlib modules to not use deprecated APIs.

In cases when the warnings happen due to BuiltinImporter.load_module() or ExtensionFileLoader.load_module(), I'll need to silence the warnings in the tests.

2 questions:

* Could I push this changeset (after a few fixes) before adding in all the refactors, doing those separately?
* Could we special-case BuiltinImporter and ExtensionFileLoader in _SpecMethods._load_backward_compatible() so that they don't cause a warning?  I know we've also talked about skipping the deprecation warning entirely for load_module()...

There are also several places in _bootstrap where a method (A) may raise a warning and a method it calls (B) may raise a similar warning.  Would there be any probably with silencing the deprecation warning coming out of the called method (B)?
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