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Author lemburg
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Date 2013-12-16.09:32:30
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On 16.12.2013 10:30, STINNER Victor wrote:
> STINNER Victor added the comment:
> 2013/12/16 Marc-Andre Lemburg <>:
>> I don't think changing Py_FatalError() is a good idea. However,
>> its use in this particular case (streams not initializing) appears
>> wrong.
>> Python should simply exit with an error code in such a case; which then
>> also allows the calling script or application to react to the error.
> Before exiting, you need a message. If there is also an exception, you
> may want to display it. If there is no exception, you may want to
> display the Python traceback. All these tasks are already implemented
> in Py_FatalError.
> If the defaullt behaviour of Py_FatalError() cannot be modified, a new
> function should be be added, a function sharing its code with
> Py_FatalError().
> Example: a new private function "void initerror(const char *message)"
> only used during Py_Initialize().

Sounds reasonable.

BTW: Why can't we make this an official API function, e.g.
Py_Terminate() ?
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