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Date 2013-12-15.02:28:55
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If you press Ctrl-C during Python startup on Windows you may get interpreter crashes with different Python tracebacks displayed on the standard system error output stream.

Reproduced using:
  - Windows 7 SP1 x64
  - Python 3.3.3 (64-bit) as downloaded from '' (but seen with different earlier Python versions as well).
  - either a non-trivial Python script, one containing only a '#! python3' shabang line, or a completely empty one
  - default

To reproduce simply run the Python interpreter with a prepared Python script as input and press Ctrl-C immediately afterwards.

Possible results:
  * Script finishes before your Ctrl-C kicks in.
  * You get a clean KeyboardInterrupt traceback and the script exits.
  * You get a KeyboardInterrupt traceback and the interpreter process crashes.

I'm attaching more detailed information on specific crash instances.

For some more information & background see the devel mailing list thread started at: ''.
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