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The docstring is better than the current doc as it says that the default precision is 0, without calling that the default for ndigits.

''' round(number[, ndigits]) -> number
    Round a number to a given precision in decimal digits (default 0 digits).
    This returns an int when called with one argument, otherwise the
    same type as the number. ndigits may be negative.'''

Sidenote: To write round in Python, one could easily write

_sentinel = object
def round(number, ndigits=_sentinel):
  if ndigits is _sentinel: ...

which makes ndigits positional-or-keyword, and almost optional-with-no-default, as _sentinel is close enough to being a default that cannot be passed in. This is a standard idiom. One who was really picky about having no default could use
  def round(number, *args, **kwds): ...
and look for len(args) == 1 xor kwds.keys() == {'ndigits'}.
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