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2013/12/10 Martin v. Löwis <>:
> >From what I read, it appears that the SO posting is plain wrong. Consider, for example,
> # Converts a string which is in the encoding used by GLib for filenames
> # into a UTF-8 string. Note that on Windows GLib uses UTF-8 for filenames;
> # on other platforms, this function indirectly depends on the current locale.
> The SO author might have misread the part where it says that glib uses UTF-8 *on Windows* (instead of the braindead "ANSI" encoding indirection).

I wrote some notes about glib here:

g_filename_from_utf8() uses the g_get_filename_charsets() encoding.
g_get_filename_charsets() is the ANSI code page on Windows and the
locale encoding on Linux, except if G_FILENAME_ENCODING or
G_BROKEN_FILENAMES environment variables are set.

glib has a nice g_filename_display_name() function.
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