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> End users tripping over this by setting LANG=C is one of the pain points of Python 3 relative to Python 2 for Fedora, so I've added a couple of Fedora folks to the nosy list.

Sorry, I'm not aware of such issue. Do you have examples?

> - the main problem is on Linux (but potentially other *nix systems as well), where people set "LANG=C" for a variety of reasons, but this has the side effect of Python 3 choosing an inappropriate encoding (ASCII rather than UTF-8) when talking to the OS APIs.

Why do you think that the issue is specific to Python 3? Try to open a
terminal with LC_ALL=C and try to type non-ASCII characters with your
keyboard. You can't because your terminal uses ASCII. Did you
applications written in another language handling Unicode, like Perl?
(Perl with Unicode support correctly enabled, it's "use utf8;" if I
remember correctly).

Can you explain the "various reasons" why users explictly force the
encoding to ASCII?

I use LANG=C to get manual pages and error messages in english. But
"LANG=en_US man ls" would be more correct, or "LC_MESSAGES=en_US man
ls" to be pedantic. (Env var priority: LC_ALL > LANG > LC_xxx).

IMO if you use LANG=C, you must not complain that Unicode stopped
working, but you should learn how to configure locales. Trivial
examples like the one which can be found in the initial message
(msg204849) are wrong: why would you force all locales to C and use
non-ASCII characters?

> Given the initialisation problems, this may be something that PEP 432 (the initialisation process rewrite) can help with (since it changes the initialisation order to create a more complete Python runtime before it starts to configure the OS interfaces).

I don't see how it would help to solve my point (b).

Technically, this issue cannot be fixed. Or to be more specific, I
don't want to fix it, it's a waste of time. So I don't understand what
do you expect from this open issue?

I would prefer to close it as invalid or wontfix to be clear.
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