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Date 2013-12-06.18:18:26
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ntpath.splitdrive() returns wrong result when UNC part contains LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH DOT ABOVE ('İ', '\u0130').

>>> ntpath.splitdrive('//host/I/abc')
('//host/I', '/abc')
>>> ntpath.splitdrive('//host/İ/abc')
('//host/İ/', 'abc')
>>> ntpath.splitdrive('//host/İİ/abc')
('//host/İİ/a', 'bc')
>>> ntpath.splitdrive('//host/İİİ/abc')
('//host/İİİ/ab', 'c')

This is because ntpath.splitdrive() find an index for a split in normcased path and len('\u0130'.lower()) != 1.
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