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I just realized that there is no way to make ModuleSpec.has_location return True if the spec is created by simply instantiating ModuleSpec. As it stands now you **must** go through importlib.util.spec_from_file_location(), which makes it not a helper but a **required** API to use. I think this is the only thing that cannot be stated directly through ModuleSpec instantiation or public attribute assignment.

This means either (a) the docs on ModuleSpec need to be **very** clear that you must use spec_from_file_location() to make spec.has_location be true, (b) add another keyword-only argument to ModuleSpec.__init__(), or (c) make has_location settable (e.g. be able to only set it to True/False or alternatively assigning it sets both has_location to True and origin to the assigned value).
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