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Date 2013-12-02.04:02:25
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i went with the less invasive in terms of behavior change approach of making sure that the errpipe_write fd is always >= 3.  In Python 3.4 the code change was different and much simpler and on the Python only side as all fd's are opened O_CLOEXEC by default.

I'm not entirely sure why the test_multiprocessing_forkserver and test_multiprocessing_spawn failures happened on 3.4 with the earlier change that attempted to always list 0,1,2 in the fds_to_keep (derived from pass_fds) list so there _may_ be a bug lurking elsewhere there but I suspect the bug is actually that we don't always want to blindly list them in fds_to_keep as some programs may have reused some of them for other non-stdio purposes but still want them closed.

The change has been backported to the python-subprocess32 repo.
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