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Date 2013-11-30.15:53:32
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I recently implemented this in psutil and thought it would have been a nice addition for subprocess module as well:

Patch in attachment introduces a new subprocess.wait_procs() utility function which waits for multiple processes (Popen instances) to terminate.
The use case this covers is quote common: send SIGTERM to a list of processes, wait for them to terminate, send SIGKILL as last resort:

>>> def on_terminate(proc):
...     print("process {} terminated".format(proc))
>>> for p in procs:
...    p.terminate()
>>> gone, still_alive = wait_procs(procs, timeout=3, callback=on_terminate)
>>> for p in still_alive:
...     p.kill()

Are we still in time for Python 3.4?
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