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Date 2013-11-28.17:19:30
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> The ticket has been closed by two people. Why do you keep re-opening the ticket?

Because you're not providing any arguments. If it is not important for you, just ignore. If something is not clear - ask. What you do is just closing the stuff, because you _feel_ that is not an issue. Provide rationale, address my points and then I'll close it myself. The particular stuff that is not clarified:

>> Post the link to correct process into README.rst and then this
>> issue can be closed.
> The repo readme is not the right place for this. Christian already
> mentioned the PEPs and anything should go into the dev guide.

I want to know why PEPs repository README is not the place to direct users to starting point for submitting enhancement proposals?

> If you have something to contribute, please open a ticket, add a patch
and request review.

I am already keep opening it, damn. I want to contribute an improvement for the PEP process and not forget about it. That's why I fill in into tracker, and not into email.
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