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Author r.david.murray
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Date 2013-11-25.16:05:10
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Updated patch for 3.3, and a new patch for 3.4.  In 3.4, set_payload raises an error if non-ascii-surrogateescape text is passed in as the argument (ie: there are non-ascii unicode characters in the string) and no charset is specified with which to encode them.  In an ideal world it would instead default to utf-8, but because there may exist code that passes in unicode and then encodes it later by calling set_charset, we can't go that route in 3.4.  In 3.5, after the few people who may be in that boat have fixed their code to include the charset on set_payload, we can in fact make it default to utf-8.

I had to fix a couple 3.4 test, one of which was no longer valid because I've now defined the previously undefined behavior of set_payload when passed unicode, and one of which was just wrong but I didn't notice because of this bug.
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