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Date 2013-11-22.21:57:41
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With blacklisted transform codecs, I'm fine with the idea of restoring codecs aliases for transform codecs in Python 3.4. Go ahead Nick.


For Python 3.5, a better solution should be found to declare transform codecs.

And I had like to also add transform()/untransform() methods on bytes and str types. So you would have 4 API:

* Unicode text codecs: str.encode/str.decode, str=>bytes
* bytes transform codecs: bytes.transform/untransform, bytes-like object=>bytes
* Unicode transform codecs: str.transform/untransform, str=>str
* all codecs: codecs.encode/codecs.decode, something=>something else

But only few developers (only me?) are interested by transform/untransform, so codecs.encode/codecs.decode might be enough.
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