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f.nargs = '?'
    f.default = argparse.SUPPRESS = argparse.SUPPRESS

may be best set of tweaks to a positional Action `f`.  In quick tests it removes `f` from the help, suppresses any complaints about a missing string, and does not put anything in the namespace.

But if there is a string in the input that could match this positional, it will be use.

    f.nargs = 0

is another option.  This puts a `[]` (empty list) in the namespace, since 'nothing' matches `f`.  If there is an input string that might have matched it before, you will not get an 'unrecognized argument' error.  `parse_known_args` can be used to get around that issue.

I should stress, though, that fiddling with `nargs` like this is not part of the API.  Tweak this at your own risk.
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