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Date 2013-11-19.12:31:38
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Here's an updated patch that addresses comments on rietveld and adds a few more tests and docs.
I should also update the what's new, but I have other upcoming changes in the html package so I'll probably do it at the end.

Regarding your concern:
* if people are only using html.escape, then they will get a couple of extra imports, including all the html5 entities, and a re.compile;
* if people are using html.parser, they already have plenty of re.compiles there, and soon html.parser will use unescape too;
* if people are using html.entities they only get an extra re.compile;

Overall I don't think it's a big problem.

As a side node, the "if '&' in s:" in the unescape function could be removed -- I'm not sure it brings any real advantage.  This could/should be proved by benchmarks.
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