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Date 2013-11-11.07:30:49
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It is the abort() libc function being called, causing a core file to be written. And I can see the backtrace from both the core file or when running in the debugger.

Yes: I already have included this fix into my python-3.2.5 packaging. I'm basically fine when this patch is accepted "technically", although I'd prefer to see it included in the next 3.2 release, if any. In fact I've reported it only because I've seen a 2.7 release recently - ohw, and 2.6.9 yesterday, so I've expected there eventually may be another 3.2 release too.

Yes: This bug does not exist since 3.3 any more due to the rewrite.

And indeed I'd also call this a security fix because it is of the "invalid memory read" type: I do see the filenames being truncated after 112 characters when building in some longer build-path.

Thank you!
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