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Date 2013-11-09.01:37:13
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The bug is obvious and patch looks good to me. The problem is that Python 3.2 doesn't accept bugfixes anymore, any security fixes.

3.2.5 schedule (regression fix release)

    3.2.5 final: May 13, 2013

-- Only security releases after 3.2.5 --

Georg Brandl, the release manager, may reconfirm that.

How is Python packaged on AIX? Can you integrate your fix in your package for Python 3.2?

The unicode type has been completly rewritten in Python 3.3, the bug was indirectly fixed during the rewrite. @Michael: can you confirm? You have to compile Python >= 3.3 in debug mode and run the test suite (./python -m test -j0 -r).
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