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On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 6:00 AM, Martin Panter <>wrote:

> Martin Panter added the comment:
> The best way to work around it for me is just to ignore the warning. It
> doesn’t really worry me that much, I only noticed it while porting a
> program to Python 3 anyway. So if you don’t want to touch the 2.7 branch I
> can live with that :)

I'd rather not. 2.7.x is in maintenance mode - we'll fix serious bugs and
may change trivial things. But in this case, since the effects are hardly
serious we should consider the danger of mucking with code in a very stable
maintenance branch. While this issue may seem simple at the surface, it's
not. That's because ET in 3.3+ is quite different from ET in 3.2-
(including 2.7-). In 3.3 ET underwent major changes, and its testing
infrastructure was greatly improved too. Back-porting across the 3.3
boundary is risky because it's hard to foresee the effects (i.e.
interactions between the C accelerator and the Python module).
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