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Date 2013-10-22.08:58:22
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This patch gives grp.getgrnam and grp.getgrgid sligtly more useful docstrings, and brings them in line with pwd.getpwnam/pwd.getpwuid.

Compare pydoc pwd.getpwnam:

    pwd.getpwnam = getpwnam(...)
        getpwnam(name) -> (pw_name,pw_passwd,pw_uid,
        Return the password database entry for the given user name.
        See help(pwd) for more on password database entries.

After looking at it I know that I can convert a name to an UID by doing pwd.getpwnam(name).pw_uid.

Meanwhile pydoc grp.getgrnam:

    grp.getgrnam = getgrnam(...)
        getgrnam(name) -> tuple
        Return the group database entry for the given group name.  If
        name is not valid, raise KeyError.

is rather unfriendly and makes me reach for Google just so that I could find out the names of the namedtuple members.
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