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Author glchapman
Date 2004-11-08.23:32:43
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I ran into this today, so I decided to look into it.  It
looks to me like the problem only happens if you profile
with lineevents enabled.  In that case, hotshot uses the
tracer_callback function (in _hotshot.c) to dispatch trace
events.  This function explicitly ignores exception returns
(PyTrace_EXCEPTION), which can lead to an unbalanced stack
of calls/returns when the log is loaded (if an profiled
function exits with an exception).

It seems on the surface that tracer_callback ought to handle
exceptions the same way as normal returns.  This would be
consistent with what happens when profiler_callback is used,
since PyEval_EvalFrame dispatches sends a Py_RETURN to
c_profilefunc when exiting because of an exception.
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