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Date 2013-10-18.15:04:57
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Hi Georg,
So do you think it is ok this way?
I was not sure if extending the function with an optional
arg is ok, or if a method to configure PyZipFile would be better.
At the moment I just needed the simple functionality.
Should it maybe get a regex like ?

And a general question:
What is the right constraint for a filter function?
As I wrote it, returning nothing would simply be treated as "False".
Maybe it is better to enforce a return value which explicitly forbids
to be just None, which often just means "I forgot the return value" ?

About feature or fix: Well, I need this for python2.7, because without
it, the whole purpose of PyZipFile is pretty questionable. I might argue
it a fix, because it crashes on the standard library ;-)

Anyway, tell me and I'l add test, docs and put it into dev.

cheers - chris
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