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Date 2013-10-13.15:14:46
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Nick Couphlan added the comment:
> No, __class__ on a descriptor has *NOTHING* to do with how it was
> looked up. It's the class of the *result*.

Which is why in most cases it's discarded as the home class.  (I could easily be saying this wrong, which is why I directed you to the tests as better examples of what I am trying to communicate.)

> However, setting __objclass__ on Enum members would be a perfectly
> reasonable thing to do.

I'm glad you think so, but this patch makes that unnecessary.

> We should *not* need to have any Enum specific code in the inspect
> module, and the current code that tries to find the home class has
> Enum specific assumptions.

Only in the sense that Enum is currently the only thing making use of the new DynamicClassAttribute descriptor.
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