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Date 2013-10-09.21:12:09
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Updating the patch to address Stephen's review comments (thanks, Stephen!).  The biggest change is adding a MIMEPart class, and renaming MIMEMessage to EmailMessage.  Other significant changes are: only moving 'Content-*' headers in 'make' methods, adding 'clear' and 'clear_content' methods (and calling clear_content in the 'make' methods), and raising a TypeError if set_content is called on a multipart.

The documentation is complete, but not completely proofread/edited.  I can always finish that after the Beta if I don't get to it before (though I expect to).  There are probably some missing docstrings as well; same comment applies :).

I have not addressed the MIMEType idea.  I will deal with that as a separate issue (and not for 3.4), since it has implications throughout the package, not just in the code I'm enhancing.

I think this is ready for commit review, assuming I haven't forgotten anything.  (I'll close the earlier issues.)
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