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Date 2013-10-08.12:30:42
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Thank you for your reply.
But I just realised that in my bug issue, I completely forgot to indicate what is "req" and so this is maybe the root of you telling me that the best is to fix the client code side as the traceback could be confusing.

This is how is defined req.:
opener = urllib2.build_opener(proxy_handler)
req    = urllib2.Request(url_src)

while 1:
  read_list = select([req], ...)[0]
  if read_list:

I found this issue with python 2.7, but I don't care a lot for it to be fixed in 2.7. As I saw that the code looks unchanged in python 3.x, I just reported the issue for it to be fixed/better handled in 3.x :-)
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