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Date 2013-10-03.14:17:16
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I'm having trouble understanding your last comment. Are you saing that you want the exact value to be a two digits version and therefore use separate arguments for both Pythons (e.g. "--basever 2.7 --cmpver 3.3"), or that you want it to accept two digit versions instead of major-only regardless of the number of arguments (e.g. "--pyversion 2.7,3.3")?

And are you saying that you want to use the version also for, say, disabling a test because it doesn't run in Py3.4 yet, despite supporting Py3.3, for example?

A comma is what is used by "--args", BTW, that's why I'd reuse it for the versions argument, i.e. "--pyversion 2.7,3.3" and additionally "--pyversion 3.3" for the simple case.

I haven't come up with a patch yet because it requires a number of non-local changes throughout the file.
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