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Date 2013-09-28.21:52:05
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(in the patch, import of sys and pprint should be done once at module level and not repeated with every line of interactive output).

> pprint.pprint() produces more human readable output than print(repr()) which is used in sys.displayhook()

Only sometimes, and when it is not, the result can be *much* worse. For instance, try list(range(40)) with the two options. On windows, pprint.pprint(list(range(300))) will not even fit in the default 300 line output buffer of the standard interpreter. This is not to mention doctest and other test breakage. I believe the majority consensus on python-ideas was to reject this until pprint is much improved, and then reconsider. I agree with that.

As I said on the list, I think this is more feasible for environments (like Idle) where it could be turned on and off, or invoked to re-display an output where pprint *would* be better.
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