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Author xdegaye
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Date 2013-09-28.15:28:24
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Content uses tokenize to print duplicate code names
within the same scope, excluding property setter/getter/deleter
duplicates, excluding duplicates of nested classes or functions, and
ignoring duplicates listed in a file (run with --help for more
details).  With the attached ignored_duplicates file, it prints the
following output on the root of the current default branch (in about 1
mn on an old laptop):

$ ./ --ignore ignored_duplicates .
Duplicate function or class names:
./Lib/test/ _TestProcess
./Lib/test/ Win32ErrorTests

Duplicate method names:
./Lib/ctypes/test/ FunctionTestCase.test_errors
./Lib/distutils/tests/ CommandTestCase.test_ensure_string_list
./Lib/lib2to3/tests/ Test_dict.test_14
./Lib/lib2to3/tests/ Test_dict.test_15
./Lib/lib2to3/tests/ Test_dict.test_17
./Lib/lib2to3/tests/ Test_dict.test_18
./Lib/lib2to3/tests/ Test_dict.test_19
./Lib/test/ ComplexTest.test_truediv
./Lib/test/ DisTests.test_big_linenos
./Lib/test/ DisTests.test_dis_object
./Lib/test/ TestFTPClass.test_mkd
./Lib/test/ TestErrorHandling.test_get_only
./Lib/test/ ImportTests.test_import_name_binding
./Lib/test/ ParseArgsTestCase.test_findleaks
./Lib/test/ DebuggingServerTests.testNotImplemented
./Lib/test/ OperaCommandTest.test_open_new
./Lib/unittest/test/testmock/ MockTest.test_attribute_deletion
./Lib/xml/dom/ Attr._get_name
./Mac/Tools/Doc/ DocBuild.makeHelpIndex
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