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Author dsuch
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Date 2013-09-25.23:33:02
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I'd like to suggest adding a simple note to SSLSocket.getpeercert stating that it will always return None if do_handshake has never been called.

This is not the default behaviour, by default SSLSocket.__init__'s do_handshake_on_connect is True so .getpeercert nicely returns a cert (assuming the usual caveats - the other side offers a certificate and cert_reqs is not CERT_NONE).

However, I've just been debugging a someone else's server and I spent some time figuring out why client certificates weren't available - turned out this was because do_handshake was never called (PySSL_SSLdo_handshake in _ssl.c).

Adding a single-sentence line will certainly be very helpful.

Many thanks!
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