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Glenn Linderman: Yes I have built on what the others learned. For your question, I made it and tested it in Python 3.3, it should also work in 3.4 and what I've tried, it actually works. As Terry J. Reedy says you can just load the module and enable the streams. I do this automatically on startup using sitecustomize. However as I said currently this meeses up the interactive session because of . I have made some workaround – custom REPL built on stdlib module code. And also a helper script which runs the main script and then runs the custom REPL (I couldn't find any stadard hook which would run the custom REPL). I'm uploding full code. I will delete it if this isn't appropriate place.

Things like this could be fixed more easily if more core interpreter logic took place in stdlib. E. g. the code for interactive REPL. Few days ago I started some discussion on python ideas: .
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