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A compatibility issue here is that the value provided by get_platform() is also used outside of Distutils, in particular by pkg_resources (provided by setuptools) and by pip, in both cases to help determine whether a binary distribution of an extension module is compatible with the python being used.  It's also used in Distutils to form the name of the build directory for extension modules.  I believe at the moment pip requires an exact match of the get_platform() value for most platforms, other than OS X, so it is possible that making this change could break downloads of existing binary egg-based distributions. (On the other hand, binary distributions for Linux platforms are known to be problematic because of API differences that are not reflected in the platform-derived string.)  So any change in behavior here should probably be limited to a feature release (like 3.4) and in coordination with the Pypa packaging developers (setuptools, pip, wheel, et al) to minimize disruptions.
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