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> Then I don't understand changes such as:
> -    'chinese-s':                            'zh_CN.eucCN',
> +    'chinese-s':                            'zh_CN.gb2312',
> or
> -    'sp':                                   'sr_CS.ISO8859-5',
> -    'sp_yu':                                'sr_CS.ISO8859-5',
> +    'sp':                                   'sr_RS.ISO8859-5',
> +    'sp_yu':                                'sr_RS.ISO8859-5',
> The .test_locale_alias() checks that the normalize()
> function returns the the alias given in the alias table.

It also test normalize(locale_alias[localname]) == locale_alias[localname]
== normalize(localname). I.e. that applying normalize() twice doesn't
change a result.

chinese-s is mapped to zh_CN.eucCN, but eucCN is mapped to gb2312. sp is
mapped to sr_CS.ISO8859-5, but sr_CS is mapped to sr_RS.UTF-8 and then
.ISO8859-5 replaces UTF-8. Of course we can recursive call normalize(), but
it will be more practical just update the mapping.
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