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> I'm curious to know how you'll integrate it in dictobject.c without slowing down normal dict objects, and without making them bigger.

It of course will make a size of source file bigger, but shouldn't affect a size or performance of normal dicts. A dict object contains dk_lookup. Constructor for keyed dict (subclass of ) should initialize it with specialized function which calls the "key" function and recalculate a hash (yes, with this simple approach a hash will be calculated twice, for original and for transformed keys). Hmm, actually it can be even simpler than for IdentityDict (for which not calculating a hash was important). Also some other methods which relies on dict implementation details (e.g. making a copy of dict) should be modified.

The most cumbersome part is the tests. Unfortunately I lost my tests for IdentityDict (used hg diff without --git). It will be good if your provide complete test suite.
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