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Without _stopped, join() can simply wait to acquire _tstate_lock (with or without a timeout, and skipping this if _tstate_lock is already None).  Etc ;-)  Of course details matter, but it's easy.  I did it once, but the tests joining the main thread failed and I put the code on hold.  I'll dust it off when the buildbots are all happy with the current changes.

> (also, why is the current Event implementation based
> on Condition?

We'd have to ask Guido ;-)  Best guess is that Condition supplied all the machinery to make Event.wait() work correctly, including waking all waiters up when the Event gets set.

> isn't an Event actually simpler than a Condition?)

Events are indeed simple :-)  There are many ways to implement them, but "ain't broke, don't fix" seems the right approach to me here.  In effect, if we get rid of _stopped, the code remaining will be much like an Event implementation built on the plain _tstate_lock lock.
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