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As discussed at the language summit earlier this year [1], it isn't alway easy to tell when glancing through the standard library docs which modules are merely hanging around because removing them would break backwards compatibility.

However, after reviewing the current ToC, we currently appear to only have two genuinely superseded modules: optparse (superseded by argparse) and imp (superseded by importlib).

Other cases where different modules touch on the same area are high level/low level splits (e.g. select vs selectors), or ones where the alternate modules are offering compatibility with different styles of API (e.g. etree vs DOM for XML, getopt vs argparse).

In future, asyncore/asynchat will hopefully be superseded by the PEP 3156 code (as "" or similar) and would also be moved under the new heading.

Marking as "easy" since the mechanics of the patch should be pretty simple: create a new heading and move the references to optparse and imp from their current locations.


(I thought I had already created a bug for this, but can't find it, so I've created this new one. If I did already create an issue, we can close it as a duplicate and keep this one.)
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