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Date 2013-09-05.13:09:02
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On 05/09/2013 9:28am, Charles-François Natali wrote:
> As a side note, in the general case, there's more than a performance
> optimization: the problem with unregister() + register() vs a real
> modify (e.g. EPOLL_CTL_MOD) is that it's subject to a race condition,
> if an event fires during the short window where the FD isn't
> registered anymore.

Even with edge-triggered notification, doesn't registering an fd check 
the current readiness:

 >>> import os, select
 >>> r, w = os.pipe()
 >>> p = select.epoll()
 >>> os.write(w, b"h")
 >>> p.register(r, select.EPOLLIN | select.EPOLLET)
 >>> p.poll(0)
[(3, 1)]
 >>> p.poll(0)

Otherwise it would be very difficult to edge-triggered notification.
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