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> The parser *is* rejecting control characters. It's an XML parser. See the example in the link you posted.
Ehrm, my apologies.

> That's not an XML specific issue. You are printing a byte string here, so repr() would be the right thing to use (and is actually being used automatically in 
> Py3), instead of plain printing. The fact that you are wrapping the content in XML doesn't matter.
[citation needed] 
After a quick scan in the documentation I did not see anything mentioning this. Instead, I see many cases in which escape chars and binary-to-text encodings are mentioned.

> What I meant was: at what step of the process from creating an XML tree in memory to serialisation is it a problem that the tree contains control characters? 
> Because once the data is serialised, it will just be rejected on input by any XML parser, and handling bytes data is a thing on its own (e.g. you could serialise 
> to UTF16 and the result would contain null bytes - too bad).
m, I think the problem lies in the expectation of having fromstring(tostring(tree)) = tree

> Unless there is a more dangerous way to exploit this that is actually due to XML being used, I'd suggest changing the type from "security" back to "behaviour".
> Or maybe even to "enhancement". The behaviour that it writes out what you give it isn't exactly wrong, it's just inconvenient that you have to take care yourself 
> that you pass it well-formed XML content.
I think the point here is clarifying whether xml expect text or just a byte string. In case that's a stream of byte, I agree with you, is more a "behaviour" problem.
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