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A 'message' part is not, in fact, a multipart in RFC terms.  (Only 'multipart' messages are multiparts.)  The email package models 'message' parts by making them single-element "multipart" messages, with the single element being a Message object representing the 'message' part's payload.

This is very useful; however, the fact that this is done should be documented in at least the is_multipart and walk methods.  As motivation for documenting this, consider a program that is looking for "the first part of type X" in a Message.  If an attached 'message' object has such a part, it would be discovered by a naive algorithm that uses 'walk', even though it is *inside* an attachment instead of part of the main message.  As for is_multipart, a naive reader of the documentation might expect that is_multipart would be true if and only if get_content_maintype == 'multipart', when this is in fact not true.

(I made these mistakes myself while implementing get_body and iter_parts in the new API additions.)
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