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Date 2013-08-25.14:21:31
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I attached a patch that removes the IncrementalParser class and merges its functionality into the _IterParseIterator. It thus retains most of the refactoring without adding new functionality and/or APIs.

I did not take a look if anything else from later changes needs to be reverted, neither did I update the documentation. I guess the newly added doc sections can just be deleted.

One thing that is still dubious is the requirement for the _setevents() method on the parser instance. That was already a flaw before Antoine's change, although it only hit if the C parser was used. It now affects both the Python parser and the C parser. It's not a regression because code that relies on it not being used is broken when it is being used. However, we should be aware that we are promoting a quirk to a visible API here. I don't see it as a real problem, given that it's an internal API (and thus an implementation detail), that's why I left it in. It should eventually be replaced by a proper setup based on the parser target.
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