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Author mmokrejs
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Date 2013-08-25.11:02:01
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Hi Ramchandra and Christian,
  I am using numpy, matplotlib, expat/cElementTree, doing a lot of os.Popen calls. But I think the problem is taht I have huge lists and when I do not need them I do del(_mylist) in the code ASAP. That probably causes a lot of churn.

  Here is one stacktrace I just got with the faulthandler installed. It does not show in the trace any 3rd-party module so can I conclude it is a core python bug? Just recompiling with "-ggdb" so eventually will have better stacktraces.

  Does this help? I don't have the gdb stacktrace as I recompiled the binary now again ... :(

Fatal Python error: /mnt/1TB/var/tmp/portage/dev-lang/python-2.7.5-r2/work/Python-2.7.5/Objects/dictobject.c:1009 object at 0x40c0a60 has negative ref count -1
Fatal Python error: Aborted
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