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> I'm only saying that this will increase a number of cases
> when an exception will raised in unexpected place.

The print() instruction is much more common than input(). IMO changing
the error handle should fix more issues than adding regressions.

Python functions decoding OS data from the filesystem encoding with

- sys.thread_info.version
- sys.argv
- os.environ, os.getenv()
- os.fsdecode()
- _ssl._SSLSocket.compression
- os.ttyname(), os.ctermid(), os.getcwd(), os.listdir(), os.uname(),
os.getlogin(), os.readlink(), os.confstr(), os.listxattr(),
- grp.getgrpgid(), grp.getgrpnam(), grp.getgrpall()
- spwd.spwd_getspnam(), spwd.spwd_getspall()
- pwd.getpwuid(), pwd.getpwnam(), pwd.getpwall()
- socket.socket.accept(), socket.socket.getsockname(),
socket.socket.getpeername(), socket.socket.recvfrom(),
socket.gethostname(), socket.if_nameindex(), socket.if_indextoname()
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